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TxEVER: Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar for Vital Statistics Partners.


Reminders to Medical Certifiers

Reminders to medical certifiers can now be sent before the medical designation is accepted.

Select function > Demographic Data Entry > Display the record > Click on the Record Dropdown Menu > Select Reminder to Medical Certifier

Birth Registration Course (BRC)

The Birth Registration Certification (BRC) course is now live! Per Texas Administrative Code a "birth registrar may not complete any aspect of the birth registration process without holding a current certification". (TAC, Rule 181.52)

Birth Registrars are required to renew this certification every 2 years. This certification is required for anyone who registers births, such as hospitals, birthing centers, and midwives.

All birth registrars will need to complete the Birth Registrar Certification course no later than 12/15/2022 to remain compliant with Texas Administrative Code. The training link is just below:

TxEVER Amendments Electronic Filing

Hospitals, Midwives, and Funeral Homes are now able to submit amendment applications through TxEVER for records they reported in TxEVER. This also applies to disinterment permits for funeral homes. Please click here to download the user guides.

Local registrars will receive the amendments in their local print queue. Note that disinterment permits for Texas records will result in amendments that will also appear in the local print queue.

Fetal Death

We have made some important changes to Fetal Death Reporting in TxEVER. Updated guides and an overview of the changes can be found on our funeral home partner page.


For deaths due to COVID-19, report COVID-19 in Cause of Death – Part I on the Medical 2 tab. Report other chronic conditions that may have contributed (e.g., COPD, asthma) in Cause of Death – Part II on the Medical 2 tab. For CDC guidance to medical certifiers on reporting COVID-19 deaths, please visit

For funeral homes to print the Burial Transit Permit (BTP) as quickly as possible, the medical certifier only needs to accept medical designation in TxEVER, then select and save "Natural" as the manner of death. The medical certifier can later return and complete the death certificate within the required 5 days after medical designation. Look here for more details Steps for Medical Certifier for Burial Transit Permit.

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Scheduled Maintenance

TxEVER may be unavailable for regular monthly IT maintenance on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm through 11:00 pm.