TxEVER Frequently Asked Questions

All Users

My Pin Number does not work.

Only your Local Administrator or us, at the state level, can perform the primary fix for the "Invalid Pin" issue. Have your local administrator:

  1. Start on the Death Tab
  2. Go to Tools > Library Maintenance
  3. Ensure your User ID is "mapped" correctly in the "User" field

I do not remember my User ID.

Your TER User ID was transferred to TxEVER. If you do not recall your TER User ID, contact your local administrator who can look up your User ID.

You can also complete the TxEVER Help Desk Form.

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How do I reset my password?

If you forget your password, you can click on the “forgot password” link on the login page: 

Screen shot of the login box


My account is locked.

First, contact your local administrator to unlock your account. You could instead complete the TxEVER Help Desk Form.

If you are a Local Administrator, follow these steps to unlock an account:

  1. Login onto TxEVER, select Global > Tools > Security > User Maintenance
  2. Select User.
  3. If the User is locked out; the ‘Unlock’ button will appear.
  4. Click ‘Unlock.’
  5. The Local Administrator will receive an alert stating, ‘successfully unlocked.’

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Do I have to download TxEVER software to use it?

No, the TxEVER system is completely web-based.

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Can I use TxEVER on an Apple device?

Yes, TxEVER is accessible from Mac computers.

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How do I enroll for TxEVER?

Go to the TxEVER page and click "User Enrollment."

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Will my TER username/password be transferred to TxEVER or do I need to make a new account?

User accounts will be transferred from TER, though you will be asked to create a new password in TxEVER.

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How long does TxEVER give you until it logs you out?

20 minutes of inactivity.

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How do I clear my browser cache?

You can clear your browser cache by following the steps below, depending on your internet browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

  • Click Tools, then click Internet Options. 
  • Under Browsing history, click Delete and make sure highlighted checkboxes are checked.
  • Click OK and restart the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click Tools, then Options, then Privacy and Security. 
  • Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data.
  • Make sure Cookies and Cache are checked, click OK, and restart the browser.

Google Chrome

  • Click Tools, then Settings, Advanced, then Clear Browsing Data. 
  • Make sure to check Cookies and Cached Images and Files. 
  • Click OK and restart the browser.

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Will the TER certifier/attendant table information transfer to TxEVER?


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Can a record be created in TxEVER on an in-house computer, saved, then opened on a touch tablet for signatures, saved, then re-opened on the computer for printing purposes?


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Can one person have processes to data-enter and certify a birth?

Yes. VSS recommends that the person who certifies the birth be different than the person who did the data entry to improve data quality.

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What do I need to sign an AOP in TxEVER?

AOPs must be electronically submitted in TxEVER using a computer mouse, a laptop trackpad, a USB signature pad, a touch screen, or by scanning/uploading the document into TxEVER.

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How do I know why an AOP was rejected?

To view the reason for rejection, open the "comments" tab on the record. Print the AOP to verify that it was completed correctly, make any necessary changes, then re-release the birth, or re-submit the AOP.

  • If an EBR # is listed, then you can find the birth record with a rejected AOP in "Birth Registration." Search for it using the EBR#, or you can find it in your "rejected records" unresolved work queue.
  • If no EBR# is listed, then you can find the rejected AOP record in Pre/Post Birth AOP Registration. You can search for the rejected AOP using the AOP#.

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Will you still accept faxed AOPs?

No, faxing the AOP to VSS is no longer available.

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Are BOTH parents required to sign the verification of birth?

No. This is not mandatory.

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Can I still do AOP partials during birth registration?

If a partial AOP is being submitted, then it must be completed in Pre/Post birth AOP registration first. It can then be matched to the birth record during birth registration.

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How will the attorneys get into TxEVER?

Attorneys can register and use the TxEVER system to complete AOPs.

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Is it correct that the hospital entering a birth record must select the local registrar manually for every birth entered?

LR assignment will be automatic for facilities, but it may require a semi-automatic process for home-birth midwives. For the latter, the system will identify local registrars in the county of birth and provide an opportunity for assigning them to the record.

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How do I get a record report?

If you need a report of records that have been filed at your facility, try running the "Record Status Report." You can run the report between two dates for all records that were registered. If you select "excel," then you can look at the number of rows to see the number of births filed.

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The AOP isn’t printing with an entity code.

If AOP is not printing with an entity code, then a user must add a signature or upload a signed document before an AOP number and Entity Code will be added to the AOP form electronically.

It is not possible to print pre-stamped AOP forms before collecting signatures and uploading them into the system.

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Topaz Signature Pad issues update.

The signature pad issues have been fixed. You may now collect signatures directly in TxEVER using the "USB Pad" signature option. Double-check the signed AOP to ensure the signatures appear on the actual AOP form, not on a separate white page.

The signature pad is not writing at all.

Download instructions to clear the Gen Print cache and ensure that you have Java Version 8 installed on your computer.

Signature pad scribbling all over the place

Download instructions to correct the scribbling issue. Including how to unplug the signature pad, clear all browser caches, clear the Gen Print cache, and ensure you have Java Version 8 installed on your computer.

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What’s the process after the funeral home and medical certifier enter the information required for a death record?

  • Once a funeral home and medical certifier enter the information required for a death record, that information is transmitted to the state where it is accepted and transmitted to the local registrar.
  • Once the local registrar has accepted and printed the record, they can print certified copies of the death certificate.
  • Because the death record is now routed to the state before instead of after the local registrar, it could be a few additional hours before the local registrar is able to print certified death certificate copies for funeral homes. However, the state is able to issue certified copies more quickly than before.

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Can the DCOA process be completed at any time or just before verification?

A DCOA order can only be completed after the record has been demographically verified.

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Is a signed and/or certified death certificate required to cremate a body or transport a body to another state?

  • A signed and/or registered death certificate is not required to cremate a body or transport a body to another state.
  • A “burial transit permit” issued by the local registrar in the jurisdiction where the death occurred allows either cremation or transportation between states. This process has not changed.
  • The local registrar can issue a burial transit permit before a death certificate is signed and/or registered, as long as they can see that it is in process.
  • Funeral directors in need of a permit to transport or cremate a body should contact the appropriate local registrar.
  • TxEVER does contain an electronic burial transit permit process, but we have told local registrars and funeral homes to continue to use the manual process if/when that is quicker.

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Has the process for obtaining a burial-transit permit (BTP) changed?

A BTP is required for a body to be removed from the state, cremated, or transported by a common carrier. As per TAC 181.2(b), a death certificate “completed in so far as possible” is required before a local registrar can issue the BTP.

The process has not changed. Local registrars are still responsible for issuing these permits. Local registrars can use the death general data entry screen to verify that a death certificate is in TxEVER.

Local registrars can require documents such as verification of death facts, report of the death, and/or authority to cremate.

The funeral directors can print the verification of death facts and report of death from TxEVER, and the authority to cremate can be found on the TxEVER Landing Page.

The manual BTP process can still be used as needed to issue a written BTP without a completed death certificate. BTPs have been incorporated into TxEVER. This electronic process requires the medical certifier to indicate a manner of death but does not require medical certification.

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Can we report fetal deaths in TxEVER?

The fetal death registration rollout was on August 1, 2019. See the Fetal Death FAQs section for more information.

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Currently, we can take a partial Facts of Death to the local registrar to get a BTP for shipping human remains without the doctor completing the record. Will that still be the case in TxEVER?

TxEVER allows funeral homes to obtain BTPs electronically before medical certification.

After the medical certifier indicates a "natural" manner of death, the funeral home may print the BTP from TxEVER.

If the medical certifier indicates a manner of death other than natural, TxEVER allows the funeral home to place an electronic request for an electronic BTP from the local registrar.

A manual BTP may still be issued.

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I am unable to find the place of disposition.

Download the instructions for searching for a crematory or cemetery in TxEver.

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How do I enter a pending SSN?

Follow these instructions to reset the Social Security Number field after it was set as pending.

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How do I search for a medical amendment?

Instead of searching by EDR#, pull up the record by the decedent's last name and date of death. Then you can finish amending the death certificate.

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Fetal Death

Are Funeral Directors required to place a DCOA order for fetal deaths?

No, DCOA orders are not required for fetal death reporting.

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How do I obtain a burial-transit permit for a fetal death?

Burial-transit permits are obtained the same way as death certificates. Please contact your local registrar for burial-transit permit requirements.

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Local Registrars

Will the local file number/date be automatically assigned? Will TxEVER know to assign the number in the correct format (i.e. 02-0001 for the first 2018 birth, but still use the next 2017 number if a 2017 birth comes through)?

Local file number will be automatically assigned in the correct format.

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How will remote births be printed? Can we use the short paper for issuance (if it is printed on 8.5x11 from TxEVER and then photocopied onto the paper)?

Remote births will be printed directly from TxEVER and will be printed on 8.5x11 security paper.

Please note that while your new security paper orders are being processed and delivered, you may continue to use your current supply of B6 paper to issue remote births in TxEVER.

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The Remote Issuance transactions show as “Printed”, but it’s not, how do I fix this?

New Remote Issuance transactions may show as "Printed" after saving the search criteria. Follow these instructions to ensure that "Issues from Paper" is not checked.

Reporting COVID-19 Deaths

For deaths due to COVID-19, report COVID-19 in Cause of Death – Part I on the Medical 2 tab. Report other chronic conditions that may have contributed (e.g., COPD, asthma) in Cause of Death – Part II on the Medical 2 tab.

Guidance on reporting COVID-19 deaths (CDC)

For the Natural Death BTP, the medical certifier only needs to accept medical designation in TxEVER and select "Natural" as the manner of death. The medical certifier can return and complete the death certificate within the required 5 days after medical designation.

Steps for Medical Certifier for Burial Transit Permit (PDF)

Local Administrators

How do I create a TxEVER account?

We offer eVideo and user guides for each stakeholder role to help you set up a new user account.

Watch TxEVER: Adding New Users (YouTube).

View the account management user guides:

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Will the local registrar's signature show on the record?

At this time, local registrar signatures will not be printed on locally issued records. Please continue to sign them manually.

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After office hours, can Police Dept. employee(s) be given access to accept/release Death records for a BTP?

Only vital records personnel with credentials on TxEVER will be allowed to issue electronic BTPs. 

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Will each TxEVER user get a PIN or only those with security to enter a birth record?

A pin # is given to TxEVER users when enrolled as a new user. A PIN # is issued by default to all users, but TxEVER only accepts a PIN from users with certifying and/or signing rights.

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System Requirements

VSS recommends the following software and hardware minimum requirements.


Supported Desktop Operating Systems Minimum Required Internet Browsers1,2 Minimum Required Java Runtime Build
  • Windows 7 and 8.1
    (32- or 64-bit w/ Service Pack 1)
  • Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)
    64-bit is recommended
  • Mac Os X version 10.10 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome Version 30
  • Firefox version 45
  • Safari version 9.0
  • Build 1.7.0_11
Supported Mobile Operating Systems Minimum Required Internet Browsers Minimum Required Java Version
Apple iOS version 9.0 or higher Safari version 9.0 N/A
Android version 6.0 or higher Chrome version 54.0 N/A

1 Client Browsers must be configured to use TLS 1.2.

2 Microsoft Edge is not yet capable of supporting many websites and web applications and does not have a compatibility mode that will allow it to run TxEVER. Internet Explorer will automatically open when the user browses one of those listed sites using Edge.

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TxEVER Gen Print Plug-In

The Gen Print Plugin is a software plug-in that acts as the glue between TxEVER and Hardware Peripherals via Printers, Scanners, Signature Pads & Barcode Scanners.

Local Registrars need it to do Remote Certificate Issuance. The plug-in is however NOT required to open or print PDF files from TxEVER.

For Windows 10 Version 2.0.11 (Latest Version)
For Mac OS X Version 2.0.11 (Latest Version)

When using a portable computing device (e.g., laptop, Palm Pilot, BlackBerry, USB devices, etc.) to access agency data, you must take precautions to ensure that mobile computing does not compromise the security of the systems being used or the data therein. To ensure the security of the device, implement one or both of the following standards:

  • A password-protected sign-on screen requirement for mobile equipment.
  • A mechanism to encrypt business-sensitive or confidential data (PII or PHI). Use whole disk encryption such as PGP where appropriate (e.g. laptops, tablets, desktops)

Install Gen Print

  1. Update all browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to the latest version.
  2. Update Java to the latest version. (32-bit for Windows / 64-bit for Mac)
  3. Download TxEVER Gen Print Plugin
  4. Clear the cache in your browser(s).
  5. Install Gen Print Plugin as a local administrator.
  6. Launch any browser and allow the connection to the Gen Print Plugin.
    (Select “Remember this decision” so you don’t have to repeatedly have to answer the question.)
  7. For complete instructions, please download the Gen Print Plugin Installation and Troubleshooting Instructions.

Gen Print Plugin Version Updates

A system administrator needs to complete the following steps to ensure users are updated with the latest version.

  1. Go to Control Panel / Uninstall Programs
  2. Find Gen Print Plugin and Uninstall
  3. Delete all files under C:\Users\{your computer login ID}\AppData\Roaming\gen\ folder
  4. Download and Install the Gen Print Plugin 2.0.11
  5. Clear the cache in your browser(s).
  6. Restart the Browser and navigate to TxEVER. Verify the Gen Print Plugin 2.0.11 is connected.
  7. A new pop-up will open that says "Verified" rather than "Untrusted" in the body of the message, check the "Remember this decision" box and then click "Allow".
  8. Verify/Reset your printer settings under "Utilities". 

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End User PC Requirements

Processor Intel 2.4Ghz 4MB L2 Cache
Number of processors 2 or higher
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)
Standard memory 8 GB
Primary Hard Drive 120 GB SATA 3.0 GB/S
Server Software and "desktop client" software IE 11/Firefox 45.0 or higher, Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher, JRE 1.8.0 or higher, optional Excel for reporting.

End User Mac Requirements

Processor 2.2 GHz dual-core
Number of processors 2
Operating System OS X 10.10 and higher
Standard memory 8 GB
Primary Hard Drive 128 GB Flash Drive
Server Software and "desktop client" software Safari 9.0 or higher, JRE 8 Update 25 or higher, Adobe Reader 11.0.11 or higher, optional Excel for reporting.

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Scanner (if currently used by your office)

  • Minimum 300 ppi input resolution
  • Grayscale and Monochrome color capability
  • 8.5 X 14 scan area
  • USB connectivity
  • TWAIN-compliant interface/protocol

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A high-speed laser printer is required for printing on certified security paper.

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Signature pads (optional)

VS can guarantee that Topaz TL 460 will be compatible with TxEVER. Other signature pad models meeting the following requirements may or may not be able to function with the system.

Sensor Type 3rd generation touch-screen
Pen Type Rugged, passive pen, battery-less
Input Resolution programmable ppi
Signing Area 4.4" X 1.3"
Authentication Capability Forensic quality. SIG data capable of examination and authentication with software.

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