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Forms for Hospitals and Birthing Centers

 Below are the forms issued by Texas Vital Statistics that are feqently used by hospitals, birthing centers, and midwives. These forms can be downloaded and copies can be made for your facility.


Forms for Hospitals, Birthing Centers, and Midwives.
Form Name and Number Microsoft Word PDF
VS-100 Requisition for TVS Forms for Service Providers Download (54K) Download (70K)
VS-109.1 Mothers Worksheet for Birth Certificate N/A Download (206K)
VS-109a.1 Mothers Worksheet for Birth Certificate (Spanish Version) Download (79K) Download (132K)
VS-109.2 Medical Data Worksheet for Child's Birth Certificate N/A Download (116K)
VS-166 Application for New Birth Ceritificate Based on Parentage Download (44K) Download (113K)
VS142.3 Application for a Certified Copy N/A Download (100K)
VS-142.6 Application for a Verification Letter N/A Download (77K)
VS-144 Heirloom Gift Certificate Download (43K) Download (74K)
VS-170 Application for an amendment to a Birth Record N/A Download (60K)
VS-172 Application for an amendment to a Death Record N/A Download (60K)
VS-301 Application for Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth Download (147K) N/A



Abortion Forms
Abortion Forms (for physicians) Microsoft Word PDF
Emergency Induced Abortion Certification form Download (78K) Download (25K)
Third Trimester Induced Abortion Certification Form Download (79K) Download (26K)
Induced Abortion Report Form Download (99K) Download (21K)
Last updated April 29, 2021