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Vital Stats Poster small

What are the top ten causes of death in Texas? What are the top baby names in Texas? What is the average age of death in Texas?
Texas County Locator Map Starting with a county name, this map helps a viewer to locate a county within Texas.


The Texas Public Health Regions. 


The Texas Health Service Regions. 
A graphic representation of the geocoding process Geocoding is the first step in using locational data with geographic information system software. Most commonly latitude and longitude are assigned to a street address.
A graphic explanation of the tract & block group relationship This poster illustrates how the U.S. Census breaks down Census tracts and Block groups and the differences between them.
Mapping the effect of storm surge near Galveston These maps show how storm surge from tropical disturbances can affect a coast line.  
poster of Texas eye disease This poster shows the distribution of eye disease in Texas.  
Texas suicide map This poster shows information about suicide in Texas. 
Safe Riders This poster shows the location of Texas Safe Riders events. 
Texas childrens hospitals This poster shows the usage of childrens hospitals in Texas. 
Texas Population Change 1990-2000 This map places each Texas county into 1 of 4 categories, based upon change in population from 1990 to 2000.
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Last updated May 1, 2018