Local Administrators

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Every facility that has multiple TxEVER users will have at least one user with local administrator permissions. It is the local administrator's responsibility to

  • add new users
  • maintain current users
  • deactivate TxEVER users that have separated from their facility

Some account management functions only the VSS TxEVER Help Desk can do. The most common example is when a physician had an old TER account, but left their old practice and moved to your medical facility. You will be unable to "see" the user until we, at the state level, "assign" the new "location" to that user's profile.

If your facility's local administrator leaves, someone at the state level will need to assign you or another user as a local administrator. Local administrators are unable to grant other users administrator access. The TxEVER Help Desk will only perform functions that local administrators are unable to.

Fix Invalid Pins

How to Re-Activate TxEVER Accounts after 90 days of Inactivity

Screenshot of a deactivated account
  1. Go to global, Tools > Security > User Maintenance
  2. Search for user, select name
  3. Click "Re-activate User" to re-activate a user
    Screenshot of an account reactivated
  4. For more information, please see the TxEVER shortcut guide for medical certifier local administrators.

Last updated September 23, 2021