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About Grand Rounds

John Hellerstedt2

John Hellerstedt, MD 
DSHS Commissioner and 
Grand Rounds Executive Sponsor

DSHS Grand Rounds is designed to expand our understanding of the science and evidence-based practice of population health. Each session focuses on key challenges related to a specific health topic, and explores cutting-edge scientific evidence and potential impact of different interventions.

Supported by the DSHS Center for Academic Affairs and DSHS Medical and Research Library, Grand Rounds offers two semesters of learning each year, spring and fall. Presentations are 90 minutes in length with the last twenty minutes reserved for questions and answers facilitated by a DSHS/HHSC executive. Continuing education credits/contact hours for multiple disciplines are awarded.

The Grand Rounds Planning Committee seeks out a balanced variety of topics of interest to participants. When possible, presentations include teams that present a combination of research/theory and practical application to elicit critical thinking among the participants and to integrate evidence into practice. We encourage you to share with us your suggestions for future presentations (grandrounds@dshs.texas.gov).

Please send any questions or comments to grandrounds@dshs.texas.gov.

Executive Sponsor:
John Hellerstedt, MD, DSHS Commissioner

Project Director:
Mary Soto

Committee Members:
Denise Bortolussi, Director, Library Services, DSHS
Courtney Dezendorf, Director, Office of Academic Affairs, DSHS
Elizabeth Deleon
Paige Horton 
Kelli Kennedy
David McLellan
Derrick Rodgers
Anne Tarpey
Laura Wells

About Grand Rounds
Last updated July 27, 2018