Regulatory Guides

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Regulatory Guides are issued to describe and make available acceptable methods of implementing specific sections of Title 25, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 289, Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation, to delineate techniques used by the staff in evaluating specific issues, or to provide guidance to applicants, licensees, or registrants. Regulatory Guides are NOT substitutes for regulations and compliance with them is not required. Methods and solutions different from those set out in the guides will be acceptable if they provide a basis for the Texas Department of State Health Services, Radiation Control, to make necessary determinations to issue or continue a license or certificate of registration.

For open record requests of examples and/or summaries of standard violations/severity levels, please contact, Radiation Control Custodian of Records or call (512) 231-5673

Radioactive Material License Applications

Radioactive Material License Applications
Guide Number Topic
2.1 Industrial Radiographic Exposure Devices (PDF, 304KB)
2.5 Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Gauging Devices (PDF, 266KB)
2.6 Gas Chromatograph (GC) Detectors (PDF, 264KB)
2.7 Fixed Gauging Devices (PDF, 277KB)
2.8 Portable Gauging Devices (PDF, 270KB)
2.10 Well Logging and Tracer Studies (PDF, 300KB)
2.11 Spinning Pipe Gauging Devices (PDF, 273KB)
2.18 Decontamination Services (PDF, 314KB)
3.1 Medical Use of Radioactive Material (PDF, 2MB)
3.2 Broad Medical Use of Radioactive Materials (PDF, 354KB)
3.3 Use of Radioactive Material at Academic Institutions (PDF, 201KB)
3.4 Broad Use of Radioactive Material at Academic Institutions (PDF, 136KB)
3.7 Nuclear Pharmacy Operations (PDF, 136KB)
3.13 Use of Accelerators to Produce Radioactive Material (PDF, 229KB)
5.1 Leak-Testing Services (PDF, 547KB)
5.2 Survey Instrument Calibration (PDF, 39KB)
5.9 Bioassay Requirements for I-125 and I-131 (PDF, 75KB)

License Changes and Updates

License Changes and Updates
Guide Number Topic
8.1 Changes in Licensed Legal Entity (PDF, 606KB)