TxEVER User & Training Guides

User Guides

The following user guides provide information on the use of the TxEVER system and on the processes for birth, death, and fetal death registration as well as the process for acknowledgments of paternity (AOPs).

Birth Registration/AOP

Death Registration

Fetal Death Registration

Local Registrars

Training Guides

The following training guides provide in-depth training of the TxEVER system.

Birth Registration

Death Registration/Medical Certification

Local Registrars

TxEVER Birth Local Training Guide

TxEVER Death Local Training Guide

Training Toolkits

In addition, you may utilize these helpful toolkits for a successful transition to TxEVER. 


The following information provides TxEVER users with quick at-a-glance guides for birth, death, and fetal death registration, AOP certification, and local administration.

Birth Registration/AOPs

Death Registration

Fetal Death Registration

Local Registrars

Local Administrators

Super Users

TxEVER will replace the TER system.  The TxEVER Super Users will play an active role in a smooth transition from TER.  Please help us with this transition by identifying individuals as TxEVER Super Users who will act as a resource.

Who Is a TxEVER Super User?

  • An individual with extensive knowledge of the TxEVER system.
  • Knowledge base includes all aspects of TxEVER, including birth and death registration, local acceptance, and library maintenance.
  • Knowledge of both the how and why of TxEVER.

What does a TxEVER Super User Do?

  • Provide extensive knowledge as a TxEVER subject matter expert.
  • Empower others as a point-of-contact for TxEVER users.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to stakeholders.

You may find out more information about Super Users by reviewing the following presentations.

Last updated February 4, 2021