Office of Academic Affairs

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The Office of Academic Affairs develops and strengthens the Texas public health system through partnerships, training, research, education, and learning.

Our responsibilities align with the mission-centric principles of DSHS through the focus on the public health workforce:

  • Attracting, supporting, recognizing and advancing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce
  • Training and education
  • Developing and promoting an environment of learning and leadership development

We accomplish this through:

  • Building high-value partnerships with academia
  • Collaborating across the agency, state and nation
  • Promoting a philosophy and culture of learning
  • Developing and enhancing the public health workforce
  • Supporting and promoting research

Continuing Education Service

The CE Service promotes continuous improvement in population health and patient care by providing educational activities for health professionals.

DSHS Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is an organization-wide strategy that encourages thought provoking conversations around the science of public health, including the examination of peer reviewed literature, and adoption of evidence-based practices.

Preventive Medicine Residency

The DSHS Preventive Medicine Residency prepares physicians for a competent and rewarding preventive medicine career.

DSHS Internships

The Office of Academic Affairs operates the Blue Ribbon Internship Program that supports a regular mechanism to expose students to public health practice and educational training experiences.

Institutional Review Board

The DSHS IRB is an administrative body established to review, approve and monitor human subjects research involving agency data.

Other Projects

The Office of Academic Affairs engages with various stakeholders to enhance the relationship between DSHS and academia.

Last updated July 17, 2019