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DSHS Internships

The DSHS Internship portfolio includes a wide variety of projects/internships in four key divisions within DSHS, which includes internships offered under the Blue Ribbon Internship Program, and non-Blue Ribbon internships, offered by DSHS staff. DSHS Internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students from universities, schools, colleges and training programs across Texas and beyond. Qualified students pursue a wide range of degree programs in public health and related degrees and/or certificate programs. Post-graduates may also be eligible for DSHS internships, based on their skills and/or experience, learning goals and interests. DSHS-hosted Internships are available in key areas of the agency, and represents a growing portfolio of internships as a means through which students can achieve practical application of theories and concepts learned in the academic environment in a real world public health organization.

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Internship Opportunities

Visit the Internship Opportunities page to see the full portfolio of DSHS Blue Ribbon and non-Blue Ribbon internships available across DSHS programs and geographical areas of the State. A detailed internship description can be accessed by clicking on the project title in the Internship opportunities listing.

Interested individuals should review the Internship Opportunities Listing to identify one or more Blue Ribbon and/or non-Blue Ribbon internships for which they are qualified and interested. Detailed internship descriptions are linked to project titles in the Internship Opportunities listing and include a project overview, intern qualifications, intern activities and deliverables.

If there is no available internship that matches your interest, you can request one using the procedures on the Internship Applications page.

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Blue Ribbon (BR) Internship Program


The Blue Ribbon Internship Program is operated in the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). The BR Internship Program has been operating since 2011, and is available year round, on a semester-by-semester basis. The OAA coordinates with DSHS staff across key areas of the agency, and links with faculty at public and private universities to match applicants with DSHS internships that align with their interests, academic preparation and learning objectives. BR Internships are generally unpaid.

This organizational chart shows the DSHS program areas that support and host Blue Ribbon Program activities in blue shading. The chart is also available in an accessible text document.

The Program

The Blue Ribbon Internship Program is a project-based, structured educational experience geared for graduate students who are pursuing a degree or have an interest in public health or a related field.

The internships provide students with the opportunity for practical application of theories and concepts learned in the academic environment in a real world public health organization.

Through the Blue Ribbon Program, interns are exposed to the broader landscape and functions of the state public health department through scheduled activities:

  • An orientation
  • Various seminars
  • State lab tour
  • Public health region visit
  • A meeting with a DSHS executive
  • Final oral presentation

These structured activities provide a more comprehensive learning experience in addition to the core project work.

Each intern will be supervised and mentored by experienced public health professionals at DSHS.

Blue Ribbon Program Goals

  • Assure quality standards for DSHS internships and related work with interns, faculty sponsors and academic institutions
  • Foster reciprocal benefit to interns, universities and DSHS programs
  • Cultivate the next generation of skilled and prepared public health professionals
  • Provide meaningful practice experiences in public health
  • Expose interns to diverse agency programs to inform future career paths

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Visit the Application page to access the Application Form, instructions and submission time frames.

Applicants should direct their application documents, as indicated in the detailed project description via email to the Internship Coordinator for Blue Ribbon internships and to the preceptor listed for non-Blue Ribbon internships. Applicants should identify the internships for which they are interested and qualified in the email to which they attach their application documents.

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For More Information

Contact Wendy Andreades, MBA:
DSHS Office of Academic Affairs
P.O. Box 149347, Mail Code: 1864
Austin, TX 78714-9347

Last updated June 25, 2019