THISIS FAQ – Partner-Clusters

Partners/Clusters package needs “None” in the dialogue box

The system assumes that if there are no partners/clusters entered that the interviews were NCI. If this continues to be a concern for sites, we can discuss adding this back in as an option.

When entering suspects and associates it is now a requirement for last exposure date. Is this something that we need to start documenting during interviews?

The system currently shows the last exposure as a required field for suspects and associates. Last exposure date is not a required field for suspects and associates. This concern has been noted and will be addressed in a future build, if not before go-live.

Linking of Events

Partners and clusters linked through an original patient should be linked through the Partners/Clusters QP. The user should fill out the partner/cluster information and then select Create contact field record.

Once this is selected, this iteration in the QP will be locked. If the user needs to update or delete this partner/cluster, the user can select Create Contact field record and reset to blank or Null. This will unlock this iteration and will make it available to edit or delete.

Linking events through the Linked Events mechanism will not work for PHFU activities and should not be used for partners/clusters.

Breaking the link between patients/events

A helpdesk ticket should be submitted to the consultant and the link will be updated through central office.

OOJ Field Records worked before GoLive, when does a program enter them into THISIS so they are linked to a new event and an original interview?

The initiating agency must enter the original interview and start the partners and clusters elicited. Once a field record is generated and linked to the OP then the investigating agency can update the field record in THISIS. Some programs have a high volume of interviews to enter, it would be helpful for programs to include OOJs FRs linked to the OP in their prioritization when entering their backlog of interviews.

How do I enter a No Contacts Initiated (NCI) interview?

At this time, the system only requires the user to enter in information if a partner or cluster is elicited. There are no more NCIs to enter.

There is a concern that a field record needs to be created. This is a converted case. Do we need to be concerned about that?

Partners: A field record must be created for entered contact" Central Office is aware that this concern appeared because the Yes, create a FR box was not populated. The program should not go back and select YES as it will create a duplicate field record. Go ahead and ensure the converted event did populate with the dispo if a dispo was entered before conversion. The program will need to update the dispo in the new event. For converted cases it is fine to have this concern remain.