THISIS FAQ – HIV Surveillance

After release 2, do sites still have to enter the Adult Case Reporting Form (ACRF) manually into eHARS?

Yes, users will have to manually enter ACRFs into eHARS until Release 3 is completed (schedule for December 2018). Once Release 3 goes live, users will enter ACRFs into THISIS and manual entry into eHARS will stop. All ACRFs entered in THISIS will be routinely imported into eHARS for reporting to the CDC. We plan to have a training on entering ACRFs into THISIS as we get closer to Release 3 go-live.

Does release 2 have the functionality of document-based surveillance?

No, document-based surveillance applies to HIV surveillance, which is not part of Release 2. Thus, during Release 2, HIV surveillance staff should continue entering all ACRFs in eHARS. THISIS workflows will be used to track assignments, but the actual work will still be done in eHARS. Once Release 3 is live, each ACRF will have its own question package and data can be entered into THISIS, then the information and labs will automatically be imported as documents from THISIS into eHARS.