THISIS FAQ – Case Assignment Field Record

How do I clear the ‘Assignment Type’ dropdown list under the Case Assignment/Field Record Information section of the Case Assignment/Field Record question package for an HIV or STD event?

This is a locked field, so once an option is selected you cannot make edits. If you need to delete an entry from the Case Assignment/Field Record Information Section, contact your assigned Program Consultant.

How will ICCR communication change? How will the need for email correspondence be reduced?

Notification emails regarding assignments to another jurisdiction will no longer be required. Assignments for the other jurisdiction will appear on a workflow that will need to be checked many times a day. For example, Program A identifies a partner who needs to be notified by Program B. Program A creates the field record and assigns it to Program B’s jurisdiction, but leaves the “Person assigned to” field blank. This will put the field record in the “Assignments with no User Assigned” workflow. Program B will then assign the user per their assignment schedule.

Should the status of the Case Assignment/Field Record question package for an event show incomplete or should it say complete to successfully cut a field record?

When a question package shows the status as “incomplete” it means that there are questions the system marks as required that have not been completed. DSHS Central Office is working to identify all required questions to ensure this alert is more reflective of the completeness of the question package. Currently, some questions marked as required may not truly be required, so this may not be the most accurate way to determine whether a question package is completed.

Can staff outside Central Office delete field records?

Jurisdictions do not have the rights to delete field records. This is a Central Office task.

How do you use the 'N' disposition?

Users must dispo the P1 FR as an “E” dispo. This will trigger an interview assignment iteration. The user will then answer in the following manner:

  • “Was the patient interviewed?” = “No”
  • “Reason not interviewed” = “Other”
  • “Specify reason other” = “Previously interviewed for this infection”

Interview needed concern is triggering for E dispositions.

Interview needed concern is set to trigger for any infected dispo with an interview done is anything other than “Yes.” If an interview is not conducted, this concern will remain.

Can we use a future date for initiation date on field record assignments?

Yes. The field for initiation date auto-populates with the current date. The user can update this field to enter another date.

Interview records are not open. What should we do if we need it re-opened?

If you need an interview record re-opened, please contact your consultant. You do not need a help desk ticket for this.

Where is the field to add the marital status for reactors?

Updating marital status for T1s: currently, users are not able to update the status on their field records because a field does not exist in the Field Record assignment. You can update this information on the Field Record by handwriting it in once they get the information. Marital status is available for the other referral basis. Once a Reactor is interviewed, you can update the marital status in the Risk factor QP. This information will print out on the Interview record.

What options do I select when a person has previously been treated for an infection and has an existing interview in THISIS?

You will select Disposition E for a person with an existing interview record, this will trigger more questions.

Select No, for 'Was this patient interviewed?' For the reason not interviewed select “Other” and in the specify field, type interview conducted in previous iteration.

How does a user get rid of the concern “Case must be interviewed,” when the case was not interviewed because the person was Unable to Locate or Refused?

We are working to update the criteria so that Unable to Locate and Refused are acceptable answers and the concern will not display.