THISIS FAQ – Reporting-Morbidity

In the Reporting/Morbidity question package, there needs to be a “None” option for Diagnosis Code in the dialogue box for negative partners/clusters.

If a patient does not have morbidity, there is no need to fill out any part of the Reporting/Morbidity question package. If there is no morbidity associated with the event, then the event will show up in black text in the Notifications section within the Basic Information section on the event dashboard. Green text indicates there is morbidity associated with the event.

When entering a secondary syphilis case into the system we are receiving a concern that the case classification does not meet the criteria. Is this just a glitch in the system or is there a step that maybe we are missing?

For primary and secondary syphilis cases, to meet case definition, users must enter positive labs AND symptoms. Symptoms must be symptoms that are associated with that stage of disease. For instance, if you enter morbidity as secondary syphilis, and within the clinical question package you enter Chancre, Sore, or Lesion as a symptom, this concern will continue to display until the diagnosis code is changed to primary syphilis within morbidity OR the symptom is updated to one associated with secondary syphilis, like General Body Rash.

The address section of morbidity is greyed out and I cannot edit it. How do I update or edit the address information?

  1. Select Edit Person.
  2. From the Manage Person screen, select the address you wish to edit, or add a new address.
  3. Select save.
  4. Go back into the Morbidity QP and select address at the time of report.

User should see address updated or added and then select that address. Morbidity address should now be updated.