THISIS FAQ – Workflows

Biological False Positives (BFPs) Not Leaving Workflows

If an initial assignment outcome is set to Field Follow-Up needed, then a field record will need to be created. The workflow is looking for this initial outcome and whether a field record was created. If a field record is created, this event will leave the workflow. Users have been creating a Surveillance assignment which is closed as a BFP. If there is not associated Field Record assignment iteration, it will not be removed from the workflow.

Central Office staff is looking to see if we can update the workflow to include assignment types of Field Record, Interview Only, and Surveillance as additional exit criteria.

Out of Jurisdiction (In-State) Process not in workflow for receiving jurisdiction.

This is being investigated. In the meantime, please notify the receiving program of the sent assignment.

We need to assign a field record to an out-of-state jurisdiction, but it is not getting out of my workflow.

If a field record needs to go to an out-of-state jurisdiction, the user should change the investigating agency to “Out of State” and select the proper jurisdiction. The user should then disposition the field record as a permanent “K.” Having the field record dispositioned as “K” will take the field record out of the workflow for open field records but will place the event in the OOS Assignment Needed. As the user dispositions the field record, the user will then “Add new” a new OOS assignment. The OOS assignment will go to the Central Office for follow-up with the identified state. Once the OOS assignment is created, it will remove the event from the OOS Assignment Needed workflow.

How do you know who is working the field record or interview record?

The FR USER is a unique number assigned by the system, this is part of the core product and is a known issue. To determine a user number, you will need to go into the workflow and select an event in that has link to the case assignment/FR QP. In the example above I selected User 86752 and clicked on the Case Assignment. Field record hyperlink. The username that appears in the Assigned To is the name assigned to the unique ID created. In this example it is Dorothy Washington-Spence. You can now go back to the workflow or excel sheet and filter using the FR User ID 86752 and those are all Dorothy’s open field records.