THISIS FAQ – Risk Factors

In the Risk Factors question package, shouldn’t “Re-Interview” appear as an option in the question asking, “Was information obtained from an original or cluster interview”?

The Risk Factors question package is associated with the original interview, or, for cluster interviews, it is associated with persons who are not infected. The original interview is the identifier used for associating all information related to the case investigation. Risk factors can be collected in both the original and re-interview but will always be associated with the original interview that triggered the investigation. There is no need to discern whether risk information was obtained during the original interview or the re-interview.

Where can surveillance staff document risk factors discovered from medical record abstraction? This seems to be a missing component, particularly if we are only able to obtain information from medical records.

At this time, there is no question package dedicated to tracking risk factors obtained before the interview. Surveillance staff can document any information they have obtained while doing chart abstractions or while talking to the provider in the event notes (located on an event’s “home page”/event summary screen).