Public vs. Sensitive setting for notes in THISIS

The problem with using sensitive notes is that if a user sets the sensitivity higher than their role is set at the user will no longer be able to see the notes. So, it is recommended that the user keeps the setting “public” which is not public, but public to persons who have access to that event type.

Entering in Notes: Party vs. Event

There are two places where general notes can be entered for a person or an event. The notes field on the party should be reserved for notes which are generalizable across products or diseases. These should not be disease or investigation specific notes. Examples of Party or Person notes could include: Patient needs a sign-language interpreter; patient threatened investigator when approached home; patient is missing right arm. These should be more permanent in nature and can withstand the test of time. These are notes to assist other investigators. These notes can be seen by all approved users of THISIS.

Event or investigation specific notes are for that instance of disease. These notes are the notes that will be printed out on the field record or interview record. Examples of these notes include: Patient has history of 700 in Michigan; patient lives with sister; patient recalls a body rash in September. Viewing these notes are restricted by who has access to the disease or product.