THISIS FAQ – Public Health Follow-Up

Should sites be printing cases once they are closed out of THISIS? Do we need to print associated Field Records into cases? How should we be filing closed cases after we move into THISIS?

At this time, sites will be asked to print the final interview record following closure for filing. This will change as we become accustomed to the system capabilities and managers feel comfortable that staff are loading in all the correct paperwork to the events in THISIS. All final copies of the associated field records will be placed in with the case file and sites are encouraged to continue their current filling system.

What should sites do about handwritten notes?

Uploading them into THISIS is an acceptable method for storing notes, if it is through a secured scanner. Sites should be mindful about not saving interview notes on the hard drives. Handwritten notes may also be stored with the paper copy of the case upon closure.

Can VCAs be scanned into the THISIS event?

Yes, through a secure scanning process.

How do I file handwritten notes without scanner?

Attach to related paperwork/case as it is not required for the notes to be loaded to THISIS at this time.

How do we document weekly case activities?

Programs are encouraged to explore methods within THISIS to document weekly activities. If there is not an identified method, programs may continue to document weekly activities on the case management sheet currently used by programs.

How should we document on field records?

There is a Follow-Up question package designed to support the documentation for field records and re-interview attempts. The use of this question package is not required at this time, so if a program opts to not use that question package, programs will continue to document (in the DTAR format) on the paper field record.

Are programs expected to maintain 2018 lots?

There is a mechanism for tracking lots in THISIS. This will be a statewide lot system and lot numbers will be auto-generated. Sites will be asked to start entering their lots electronically beginning in 2019. Since we are launching in late 2018, sites will not be expected to enter in their lots for 2018.