THISIS FAQ - General

What if I forgot my password or username?

If you forgot your password, you may reset it from the home page of THISIS. Please see the THISIS Help Desk page.

Who is my consultant?

Your THISIS consultant is the same consultant who provides technical assistance for your program or agency when you have questions. This is the person who visits your site for reviews.

How do I get back to the home screen of THISIS?

If you are in a question package for a person, you must either save the data you have entered so far or cancel and lose any information you have entered. Once you have closed the question package, you may select the "x" in the upper right of the event summary. This will take you back to the home screen. Selecting the home icon in the upper right of the THISIS screen, next to the search field will only take you back to the home screen of the event you are working in.

For more help with this task, see the Returning to the THISIS Homepage skill sheet.

The Status of each question package will show incomplete if certain fields/windows are not filled”. Do we ignore these fields or not?

When a question package shows the status as “incomplete” it means that there are questions the system marks as required that have not been completed. DSHS Central Office staff are working to identify all required questions so this alert will be more reflective of the completeness of the question package. Yet, some questions marked as required may not truly be required, so currently, this may not be the most accurate way to determine if a question package is completed.

Does THISIS have the capacity to sustain attaching scanned documents containing medical information?

Users are encouraged to scan and upload pertinent information into the THISIS system. Users are not to scan copies of labs, but may scan in original interview notes, Visual Case Analysis (VCAs), or chest x-rays, as some examples. Staff should remain frugal with the capacity of the system and avoid scanning in entire medical records or charts, as that could over-burden the system.

If we go paperless and attach documents to THISIS, how long do we keep the physical record if we enter the information manually and attach scanned documents?

Initially, programs are expected to keep copies of interview record and associated printouts for at least one year. For PHFU case investigation notes, VCAs, interview notes, etc. there is no need to keep the physical copy of the record once the program has gone paperless.

User not able to create an event

Need to check to see if the user has the correct role assigned to their user profile. There are view only roles which will prevent a user from entering data.

If a user needs their role updated, they should submit a helpdesk ticket to their consultant. The consultant will then escalate the ticket to a Tier II SME who will approve the updated role and submit the ticket to the Tier III Systems Analyst. User will receive an update once the role has been updated.

User was trying to enter data, but there are only grey fields available.

When in an event, the user should check to see if the investigation status is open or closed.

If the Investigation Status is closed: If the user has data entry rights, the user should be able to click on the Edit Events Properties button.

In the event information, select Change Status To and select Open. Click on save button. The event should now be editable.

Who has deletion rights?

Only Central Office staff have deletion rights. If a user needs to delete an event, they will need to submit a help ticket to their consultant. The consultant will review and submit the ticket to the Tier II Surveillance SMEs. At that time, the SMEs will decide if the event/person needs to be deleted from the system.

The fields within the question packages are grey and I can’t update them, why is that happening for some events?

If fields appear to be locked, please remember to check the investigation status to be sure that it is “Open.” Users should now be able to open investigation status if you are assigned the follow roles:  DIS, FLS, HIV Surveillance, and ICCR.  If you can’t open the investigation status, please submit a ticket.

How do I know what version of the Help Desk ticket I use?

Help Desk Tickets – There is an updated Help Desk ticket on the THISIS Help Desk page. Please use this updated form for better response and tracking of issues. Remember: If you identify an issue, submit a ticket. We can’t know there is an issue without a ticket.

When an event is in the process of deduplication, I am unable to upload attachments? What should I do?

DSHS is working on this question and looking for a best solution.

How should I document in Accurint?

Per Iteration ID of existing block is what the user should document in Accurint. This will give a unique identifier for each assignment type. If there is no assignment, but only an event – use event_id.