Acidified Foods Overview

Any foods, other than alcoholic beverages, with a finished equilibrium pH greater than 4.6 and a water activity (aw) greater than 0.85 to which acid(s) or acid food(s) are added are acidified foods.  They have a water activity (aw) greater than 0.85 and have a finished equilibrium pH of 4.6 or below. These foods may be called, or may purport to be, "pickles" or "pickled ___."

Carbonated beverages, jams, jellies, preserves, foods that have a natural pH of 4.6 or below, that contain small amounts of low-acid food(s) and have a resultant finished equilibrium pH that does not significantly differ from that of the predominant acid or acid food, and foods that are stored, distributed, and retailed under refrigeration are excluded from the coverage of this part.

It can be difficult to determine if a particular product is considered an acidified food.  We recommend you confer with your health department or a Process Authority (see below) if you are not sure if your product is an acidified food.