Grimes County Disease Reporting Contacts

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General Instructions

When to Report: Call Immediately  Within 1 work day:  Within 1 week: 
Contact Method: Please phone report  Phone or Fax report  Fax or Mail report 
County: Grimes
Type of Public Health Entity: DSHS Public Health Region
Name of Public Health Entity: Public Health Region 7
Lead Epidemiology Contact Name: Whitney Thomas, MPH 
Lead Epidemiology Contact Title: Epidemiologist III/Team Lead 
Lead Epidemiology Contact Email (Ready to Use):
Epidemiology Main Phone Number: (254) 771-6713                  
Work Cell Number: (254) 292-3360                  
Epidemiology Fax: (254) 899-0405 
Epidemiology Mailing Address: 2408 South 37th Street, Temple, Texas 76504 
Epidemiology Website: /region7/epidemiology.shtm