Jasper County Disease Reporting Contacts

Reporting Resources

When to Report

  • Call Immediately: Please phone report 
  • Within 1 work day: Phone or Fax report 
  • Within 1 week: Fax or Mail report 

Contact Information

Counties: Jasper and Newton
Type of Public Health Entity: Public Health District
Name of Public Health Entity: Jasper-Newton County Public Health District 
Lead Epidemiology Contact Name: Patty Barthol, RN
Lead Epidemiology Contact Phone Number: (409) 384-6829 x248 
Lead Epidemiology Contact Email: pbarthol@jaspernewton.org
Epidemiology Coverage Area(s): Jasper and Newton Counties
Epidemiology Main Phone Number: (409) 384-6829 
Epidemiology 24/7 Reporting Line: (866) 310-9698 
Epidemiology Fax: (409) 384-7861 
Epidemiology Mailing Address: 139 West Lamar Street, Jasper, Texas 75951 
Epidemiology Website:

Jasper Newton County Public Health District