Uvalde County Disease Reporting Contacts

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General Instructions

When to Report: Call Immediately  Within 1 work day:  Within 1 week: 
Contact Method: Please phone report  Phone or Fax report  Fax or Mail report 
County: Uvalde
Type of Public Health Entity: Local Health Unit 
Name of Public Health Entity: Uvalde County Public Health
Lead Epidemiology Contact Name: Terri Black, BSN, RN
Lead Epidemiology Contact Phone Number: (830) 278-1705
Lead Epidemiology Contact Email: tbphn@uvaldecounty.com
Epidemiology Main Phone Number: (210) 949-2000 
Epidemiology 24/7 Reporting Line: (210) 949-2121 
Epidemiology Fax: (210) 692-1457
Epidemiology Mailing Address: 7430 Louis Pasteur Dr., San Antonio, TX 78229


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Mailing Address

Mail Code: 1927 PO BOX 149347
1100 West 49th Street
Suite G401
Austin, TX 78714
United States