CHW Instructor Certification & Renewal

Community Health Worker Instructors are people approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide instruction and training in one or more core competencies (pdf) to promotores or community health workers. 

Certification, Renewals, Training and Continuing Education 

Community Health Worker Instructor Certification

  • Requirements for Initial CHW Instructor certification as a CHW Instructor of Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker
  • Initial application for certification as a Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker 

Community Health Worker Instructor Renewals 

  • Renewal requirements for certification as a CHW Instructor of Promotores or Community Health Workers 
  • Renewal applications
  • Expiration and re-application information

Training Programs and Certification Courses – Contains a list of approved training programs by CHW Instructor program leadership.

Continuing Education Opportunities (CEUs) – Contains a list of training opportunities for continuing education for CHW Instructors. Opportunities are provided by certified training programs approved by DSHS.

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