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EMS Jurisprudence Exam

All EMS personnel (ECA, EMT, AEMT, EMTP, and licensed paramedic) renewal applicants must complete an EMS jurisprudence examination approved by the department before submitting a renewal application. An EMS jurisprudence examination is a CE course covering information about Texas EMS laws and rules.

The EMS jurisprudence examination is offered by department approved continuing education (CE) programs. If you are employed or volunteer with an EMS talk to your administrator or director, they may direct you to a CE program or for a list of CE programs offering the EMS jurisprudence examination can be found below under Jurisprudence Exam Material.

Rules and Policies

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Forms and Documents

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Under 18

  • The NREMT has removed their age requirement for testing and certification.
  • Students under 18 completing a course can apply with the national registry and will no longer need to be listed on the ECA/EMT course completion roster.
  • An assessment exam is not required,
  • Once NREMT certification is received, you may apply with Texas.? 
  • In accordance with Texas Administrative Code  Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 157, Rule 157.33, students may need to wait until they turn 18 or graduate to avoid a delay in processing their EMS certification with Texas and meet the additional requirements.

Initial Education Programs

Continuing Education Programs

Jurisprudence Exam Material

EMS Education Manual and Skill sheets

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Program and Course Fee Information

NREMT Information

NREMT National Continued Competency Program (NCCP)

  • The NCCP model streamlines the CE recertification process into three strategic categories of continuing education: National, Local, and Individual.

NREMT Transition Course Information

NREMT Portfolio & Scenario Exam Information

NREMT Information/ Pass Rates / NREMT Representative Contact Information

Additional Resources

National Education Standards and Instructional Guidelines

Note - On August 16, 2012, DSHS adopted the use of the National EMS Education Standards and Instructional Guidelines replacing the use of DOT National Standard Curriculum.  Remember, Texas ECA courses use the EMR Standards/Guidelines with additional requirements in EMS rule; Texas Intermediate courses use the AEMT Standards/Guidelines with additional requirements in EMS rule.

CAAHEP/CoAEMSP and Paramedic Program Accreditation Information


Disability Accommodation Information

  • Disability Accommodation Request-If you are taking the National Registry (NR) exam, you must make an accommodation request to the NR office: www.nremt.org

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