EMS Provider Licensing

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For information and forms visit the First Responder Registration information page. 
For additional help or if you have questions about EMS First Responder forms or processing contact 512-834-6734.


Texas Administrative Code 157.11, Requirements for an EMS Provider License
Texas Administrative Code 157.3, Processing EMS Provider Licenses and Applications
Texas Administrative Code 157.12, Rotor-wing Air Ambulance Operations
Texas Administrative Code 157.13, Fixed-wing Air Ambulance Operations


Provider Licensing Application
Online Licensing (renewal only)

Use the following checklist as a guide regarding required documentation and elaboration of each provider licensing requirement.  
Initial License
Renewal License
EMS Provider Initial Survey Checklist
EMS Provider Compliance Survey Checklist
EMS Provider Survey FAQs
EMS Quality Assurance Plan Tool
Virtual Inspections/Surveys Procedure

Licensing forms
Administrator of Record
Administrator of Record renewal
EMS Provider Declaration Form
EMS Personnel Form
EMS Station Location List
EMS Headquarters Physical Location Change
EMS Vehicle Form
Medicaid Surety Bonds for Ambulance Providers
Medical Director Form
Notifications / Changes Form
Replacement License / Authorization Form

Variance Request Form

Notices and signs
Consumer Complaint Notice
EMS Vehicle Out of Service Sign

Please note that money mail is to be submitted to a different address than submittals without payment.

Mailed/Overnight Fee Payments
Use/Submit the below linked cover sheet and address for mailed/overnight fee payments:
Cover Sheet - Mailed/Overnight Documents Containing Fee Payments

Submission with No Fee
Use one of the links below for the appropriate cover sheet and address for any submission with no fee payment:


For help or questions about EMS Provider forms or processing call:
Judy Gilbert: 512-231-5771
Kelly Boudreaux: 512-231-5725

Terry Smith 512-834-6725

Douglas Emberton 512-834-6735

Email: EMSProviderFRO@dshs.texas.gov
Fax: 512-206-3779

For technical assistance contact your local field office. You can find a list of offices at: Regional Office Contact Information