Regional Advisory Councils

What is a RAC?

Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) are the administrative bodies responsible for trauma system oversight within the bounds of a given Trauma Service Area in Texas. Each of the 22 RACs is tasked with developing, implementing, and monitoring a regional emergency medical service trauma system plan. RAC stakeholders are comprised of healthcare entities and other concerned citizens with an interest in improving and organizing trauma care.  

Not every Regional Advisory Council is structured the same. However, each RAC has the same objective to reduce the incidence of trauma through

  • Education 
  • Data Collection 
  • Data Analysis
  • Performance Improvement

Typically, this is accomplished via the provision of educational programs and performance improvement efforts designed to offer every provider guidance and motive to reduce the incidence of trauma, as well as improve outcomes of trauma patients.

EMS Recruitment and Retention

DSHS developed toolkits for EMS personnel recruitment and retention. Contents are largely based on statewide research. RACs and other stakeholders are encouraged to use these materials, including:

  • Texas EMS Alliance
  • Texas Ambulance Association
  • Schools providing EMS education
  • EMS employers and interested parties.

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Regional Advisory Councils Contacts

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