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Find EMS Scholarships and Jobs

Ready to apply for a Texas EMS Scholarship? Looking for local EMS jobs? Contact your Regional Advisory Council about opportunities in the area.

Texas Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) manage EMS and trauma services across the state. For local EMS scholarships, jobs or volunteer opportunities, contact the RAC by their service area.

Regional Advisory Councils Map

Step 2. Click on your area of interest. A box will display the contact info for the servicing RAC.

Step 3. Call or email the RAC to ask about EMS scholarships, jobs and volunteer opportunities in the area.


About the Texas EMS Scholarship

The Texas Legislature set aside funds to educate and train EMS personnel. Texas Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) are tasked with distributing these scholarship funds.

Scholarship levels:

  • $2,000.00 per student that completes an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) class including books, materials and one NREMT exam fee.
  • $3,200.00 per student that completes an Advanced EMS (AEMT) class including books, materials and one NREMT exam fee.
  • $8,000.00 per student that completes a Paramedic class including books, materials and one NREMT exam fee.

Students must commit to serving:

  • For the $2,000.00 scholarship – One year as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • For the $3,200.00 – Two years as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)
  • For the $8,000.00 scholarship – Two years as a Paramedic if upgrading your certification
  • For all scholarships – Within 90 days of completing a DSHS approved EMS course, students must:
    • Pass the National Registry examination
    • Complete the state certification process
    • Begin working or volunteering for a DSHS licensed EMS Provider

To apply for a Texas EMS scholarship, contact state RACs for available scholarships.

Scholarships are provided by the Department of State Health Services to Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) for distribution to licensed EMS providers or licensed EMS Education programs. Scholarships are available based on documented need, with special attention given to rural and underserved areas within Texas.

Texas EMS Scholarship FAQs

Texas EMS Scholarship FAQs

Answers for students, educational programs, EMS providers, and Texas RACs about Texas EMS Scholarships.

Benefits of a Career in EMS

Female Paramedic
In EMS, you can work full-time, part-time, or volunteer to support your community’s emergency health care needs. It's a career in high demand where you can grow your knowledge and expand your personal worth in a fast-paced setting.



Top Reasons People Work in EMS:

  1. Helping others and my community.
  2. Camaraderie within the EMS system.
  3. Pay and benefits.
  4. Enjoy the EMS job and work.
  5. Career advancement in health care.

EMS Career Advantages:

  1. Current high demand for personnel.
  2. Education and training scholarships.
  3. Start working in as little as 16 weeks.
  4. Competitive salaries and benefits.
  5. Job security in Texas and nationwide







In the State of Texas, there are almost 800 EMS agencies, staffing over 72,000 responding professionals, on over 5,000 ambulances.

EMS Education, Training and Certification Information

Learn more about EMS education, training, and certification.

Rosters of EMS providers, programs and courses (provided in downloadable, searchable Excel tables).