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Exam Schedule, Information and Forms - Industrial Radiographer Certification

Publications Relating to Industrial Radiographer Certification Examinations
Form Number Document Name
2020 Exam Schedule2020 Industrial Radiographer Examination Schedule (PDF, 508KB) 
2019 Exam Schedule
2019 Industrial Radiographer Examination Schedule (PDF, 508KB)
2018 Exam Schedule 2018 Industrial Radiographer Examination Schedule (PDF, 500KB)
RC IR-1 IR Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 29KB)
RC IR (Instructions) Instructions for IR Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 46KB)
RC IR-2 IR Second Certification ID Card Procedures (PDF, 27KB)
RC 255-1 Disability Accommodation Request for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-3 Application for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 30KB)
RC 255-C Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses (PDF, 66KB)
RC 255-E Trainee Qualification Form (PDF, 27KB)
RC 255-OS Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Years) (PDF, 35KB)
RC 255-R Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Hours) (PDF, 36KB)
RC 255-RC Radiographer Reciprocity Qualification (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-T Trainer Qualification (PDF, 65KB)
Last updated May 19, 2020