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Texas Laws and Statutes Governing Radiation Control

Statute Title
Chapter 401 Radioactive Materials and Other Sources of Radiation

Rules and Regulations - Title 25, Texas Administrative Code

Rules and Regulations - Radiation Control program

Rule Title Revision Date
§289.101 (HTML)
§289.101 (PDF, 26KB)
Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of State Health Services and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Regarding Radiation Control Functions 09/07/14
§289.102 (HTML)
§289.102 (PDF, 94KB)
Memorandum of Understanding Between the Department of State Health Services and the Railroad Commission of Texas Regarding Radiation Control Functions 01/02/12
§289.130 (HTML)
§289.130 (PDF, 85KB)
Radiation Advisory Board 12/27/07
§289.201 (HTML)
§289.201 (PDF, 215KB)
General Provisions for Radioactive Material 03/01/16
§289.202 (HTML)
§289.202 (PDF, 446KB)
Standards for Protection Against Radiation from Radioactive Material 03/01/16
§289.202(ggg)(2)(F) (PDF, 1.5MB) DAC and ALI Table (Figure) 03/01/16
§289.202(ggg)(3)-(9) (PDF, 216KB) Appendices to §289.202 Regarding RAM Labeling, Waste & Disposal, Record Keeping, and Surface Contamination Levels 03/01/16
RC Form 202-2
(PDF, 81KB)
“Cumulative Occupational Exposure History” RC Form 202-2 10/11
RC Form 202-3
(PDF, 84KB)
“Occupational Exposure Record for a Monitoring Period” RC Form 202-3 10/11
§289.202(hhh) (HTML)
(PDF, 105KB)
Requirements for Nationally Tracked Sources 03/01/16
§289.203 (HTML)
§289.203 (PDF, 109KB)
Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers; Inspections 10/01/11
RC Form 203-1
(PDF, 65KB)
"Notice to Employees" RC Form 203-1 (standalone document) 10/01/11
§289.204 (HTML)
§289.204 (PDF, 129KB)
Fees for Certificates of Registration, Radioactive Material Licenses, Emergency Planning and Implementation, and Other Regulatory Services 09/07/14
§289.205 (HTML)
§289.205 (PDF, 91KB)
Hearing and Enforcement Procedures 12/27/07
§289.226 (HTML)
§289.226 (PDF, 218KB)
Registration of Radiation Machine Use and Services 07/16/21
§289.227 (HTML)
§289.227 (PDF, 328KB)
Use of Radiation Machines in the Healing Arts
See Note 289.227
§289.227 - FAQs
(PDF, 357KB)
Questions and Answers - 25 TAC §289.227, Use of Radiation Machines in the Healing Arts 01/13/15
§289.228 (HTML)
§289.228 (PDF, 104KB)
Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiation Machines 05/01/08
§289.229 (HTML)
§289.229 (PDF, 338KB)
Radiation Safety Requirements for Accelerators, Therapeutic Radiation Machines, Simulators, and Electronic Brachytherapy Devices 12/29/11
§289.230 (HTML)
§289.230 (PDF, 378KB)
Certification of Mammography Systems and Mammography Machines Used for Interventional Breast Radiography 04/29/12
§289.231 (HTML)
§289.231 (PDF, 280KB)
General Provisions and Standards for Protection Against Machine-Produced Radiation 12/29/11
§289.232 (HTML)
§289.232 (PDF, 852KB)
Radiation Control Regulations for Dental Radiation Machines 06/25/19
§289.232(i)(5)(B)(iii) (PDF, 44KB) "Notice to Employees" RC Form 232-1 (for Dentists only) 06/25/19
§289.233 (HTML)
§289.233 (PDF, 667KB)
Radiation Control Regulations for Radiation Machines Used in Veterinary Medicine 04/26/21
§289.233(i)(3)(F)(ii)(I) (PDF, 93KB) "Occupational Exposure Record for a Monitoring Period" RC Form 233-1 (for Veterinarians Only) 04/26/21
§289.233(j)(4)(B)(ii) (PDF, 201KB) "Notice to Employees" RC Form 233-2 (for Veterinarians Only) 04/26/21
§289.234 (HTML)
§289.234 (PDF, 113KB)
Mammography Accreditation 04/29/12
§289.251 (HTML)
§289.251 (PDF, 500KB)
Exemptions, General Licenses, and General Licenses Acknowledgements 09/24/18
§289.252 (HTML)
§289.252 (PDF, 715KB)
Licensing of Radioactive Material 01/04/22
§289.253 (HTML)
§289.253 (PDF, 186KB)
Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging Service Operations and Tracer Studies 09/24/18
§289.255 (HTML)
§289.255 (PDF, 253KB)
Radiation Safety Requirements and Licensing and Registration Procedures for Industrial Radiography 03/22/15
§289.256 (HTML)
§289.256 (PDF, 534KB)
Medical and Veterinary Use of Radioactive Material 01/04/22
§289.257 (HTML)
§289.257 (PDF, 1486KB)
Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material 01/04/22
§289.258 (HTML)
§289.258 (PDF, 153KB)
Licensing and Radiation Safety Requirements for Irradiators 05/01/08
§289.259 (HTML)
§289.259 (PDF, 186KB)
Licensing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) 04/11/99
§289.301 (HTML)
§289.301 (PDF, 261KB)
Registration and Radiation Safety Requirements for Lasers and Intense-Pulsed Light Devices 10/12/08

Notes Regarding Specific Rules

§289.227 - View the DSHS letter sent to registrants and other interested parties: