Radiation Fees FAQs

1. Can a new applicant pay for fees by credit card?

No. We cannot accept online payments for new applications. The online licensing system will only allow for payment of biennial fees.

2. Can I pay radiation fees by phone?

No, we cannot process any payments by phone.

3. Why did I receive a bill when my license/registration certificate shows a different expiration date one it? Do I still need to pay this?

Your expiration date on your license/registration certificate denotes a technical expiration date. This is a date set in the future when you will need to submit all newly updated forms and the appropriate updated procedures for the (Radiation Safety Licensing Branch) RSLB to issue a renewed license/certificate for your radiation program, or else your license/certificate will expire. Those license/certificates with dates issued on them are usually for 8 years, and even to up to 10 years into the future. In the interim time, the fee rules state in 25 TAC 289.204 that you will be invoiced every 2 years for the appropriate fees RSLB assess for your company. So, yes, you need to pay these fees to keep your license in good standing with the RSLB.

4. I have found an error on the invoice, what should I do?

Please contact the Radiation Safety Licensing Branch (RSLB) at 512-834-6688 ext. 5623 and let us know of the discrepancy. We will try to assist you as best we can or inform you of the appropriate steps needed to get this corrected. (Remember, if RSLB was never notified in writing with appropriate signatures that you have closed a site or removed equipment, accounting can’t remove the fees right away. That requires an amendment to your license/certificate.)

5. I received a bill in the mail, but I closed/sold my practice/business. What do I do now?

Please contact the department for termination instructions at 512-834-6688.

6. Will I receive a receipt that I have paid this fee?

If you pay the fee online, you will be able to print out a receipt of payment. Otherwise, any other payment will not receive a receipt.

7. What Radiation fees can only be paid by check or money order?

There are some radiation fees that can only be paid by check or money order. These are usually fees that are semi-reoccurring, or are fees billed for as services are rendered. These fees include:

  • Mammography Accreditation Fees
  • Reciprocity Licenses/Registrants Fees
  • Sealed Source and Device – all fees associated
  • Fixed Nuclear Facility Fees – all fees associated
  • Waste Shipper Fees