Announcements - Radiation Control Program

Equipment Performance Evaluation Test Results Documentation 

Notice Date: 09/17/2018
Contact: Trae Windham (737) 218-7084
Summary: Dental EPA collimination test result requirements.
Details: View Service Company Notification Letter (PDF, 280KB)

Radiation Safety Awareness Training Postponed Indefinitely

Notice Date: 01/14/2016
Contact: Chuck Flynn
Details: View the DSHS letter sent to Registrants and other interested parties (PDF, 37KB)

Important Notice for Licensees Subject to Increased Controls

Notice Date: 01/13/2015
Contact: Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance (512) 834-6770
Summary: Beginning 3/19/16, the increased controls requirements and the fingerprinting order will be replaced.
Details: See the proposed rules page.

Last updated April 28, 2020