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Payment of Biennial Fees for Laser and Laser Device Services Registration

What are Biennial Fees?

Biennial fees are required as described by 25 Texas Administrative Code, §289.204 - Fees for Certificates of Registration for all laser certificates of registration. These fees are used to cover all direct and indirect costs associated with licensing a company or individual. (i.e. any future amendments within the noted billing period, costs associated with required inspections of your license/registration, standard operating costs, etc.).

These required fees will be billed approximately 60 days prior to the fees being due. These bills should be paid in a timely manner or your registration could be revoked, which can result in penalties and fines.

How do Biennial Fees Differ from Technical Renewal?

While biennial fees require payment every two years, technical renewal typically occurs every 8-10 years and requires re-submission of all appropriate forms, procedures, and fees.

New certificates of registration are not issued for payment of biennial fees.

Payment Methods

Biennial fees may be paid either by mail, or online using the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System.

Pay Online by Credit Card or Electronic Check

Laser registrations may be paid online by credit card or electronic check (ACH) by following the Online Payment Instructions for Laser Biennial Fees.

For detailed instructions on how to use the online licensing system, please see the following resources:

Pay by Mail

Fees may be paid by detaching the bottom portion of your invoice and mailing a check to the lockbox or mailing address shown on the bottom left corner. Checks should be made payable to Texas Department of State Health Services.

Figure 1: Radiation Invoice - Detach Bottom Portion

Radiation Invoice - Detach Bottom Portion

Figure 2: Radiation Invoice - Lockbox or Mailing Address

Radiation Invoice - Lockbox or Mailing Address

Contact Us

For further assistance with paying biennial fees, please contact the Radiation Control Program, Operations and Records Group at 512-231-5623.

Last updated April 22, 2022