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Vital Statistics Partners

TxEVER - Texas Electornic Vital Events Registrar

Information for Vital Statistics Section (VSS) partners (birth registrars, funeral homes, local registrars, doctors, medical examiners, and justices of the peace.) Learn about our Five Star Service Award.

Texas Vital Statistics Conference

Welcome all to Together Moving Forward. The 65th Annual Texas Vital Statistics Conference hosted by the Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics Section, will equip statewide partners with essential comprehensive training sessions, empower focus group discussions, and more Vital Statistics focused content such as amendments, delayed records, etc.
Attendees can choose from a variety of learning tracks, including core registration trainings with a special Keynote Speaker. The conference provides exciting roadmaps to new statewide collaborative initiatives and increased knowledge on the TxEVER registration system.

The three-day conference will take place December 4-6, 2019, and is co-sponsored by the Texas Public Health Association. Let’s Build together!

Learn more & Register
Continuing education credit for multiple disciplines will be provided for this event.
Information for Vital Statistics Partners

Birth Registrars

Funeral Homes

Local Registrars & County Clerks

Medical Certifiers (Physicians, JPs, Medical Examiners)


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Last updated December 4, 2019