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Honduran Consular Certification Document

Beginning immediately, the Vital Statistics Unit (VSU) and all local registrars should accept the Honduran consular certification as secondary identification (Foreign identification with identifiable photo of applicant, 25 Texas Administrative Code § 181.28(i)(11)(D)(xv)) . You can find a redacted Honduran consular certification here. Please share this document as well as this email with all staff who issue birth certificates.

The Honduran consular certification is different than the Honduran matricula consular or Honduran “consular ID,” which is not accepted as any form of identification under VSU’s rules. This is because the requirements for obtaining a Honduran consular certification are much stronger than for obtaining the Honduran matricula consular.

As you see from the redacted document, the Honduran consular certification contains a photo of the applicant in the upper left corner, and is printed on official letterhead of the consulate that issued the certification (The attached certification was issued by the consulate in Washington D.C.). The Honduran consular certification also contains an issuance number in the upper right corner, the signature of the consul who issued the certification, and the official seal of the consulate. The certification may be issued in English or Spanish, depending on the request of the applicant.

Please contact VSU if you have any questions about the Honduran consular certification. Thank you very much.

Last updated October 10, 2016