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Applications & Forms

Birth and Death Certificate Requests     Amendments     Marriage and Divorce   Adoptions     Paternity and Parentage 

Birth and Death Certificate Request Forms
Form Name
VS 140 - Texas Birth Certificate Application 
VS 142 - Texas Death Certificate Application

VS 301 - Application for Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth

Amendment and Disinterment Forms
Form Name
VS 170 - Correcting a Birth Certificate
VS 172 - Correcting a Death Certificate
VS 271 - Application for Disinterment Permit
VS 271.1 - Disinterment Consent Form

Marriage and Divorce Request Forms
Form Name
VS 142.9 – Application for Marriage/Divorce Verification or Marriage Application
VS 146 – Application for an Heirloom Anniversary Certificate
VS 180 – Application for Marriage License
VS 180.1 – Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage

Adoption Forms
Form Name
VS 143 – Request for Identity of Court of Adoption
VS 2271 – Central Adoption Registry Application and Instructions
VS 2271 – Central Adoption Registry Application and Instructions (Spanish)
VS-210 Central Adoption Registry Request for Open Records
VS 145 – Adult Adoptee Application for Non-Certified Copy of Original Birth Certificate
VS 160 – Certificate of Adoption (for attorneys and district clerks)
VS 166.531 – Validation Petition
VS 166.532 – Validation Order

Paternity or Parentage Forms
Form Name
VS 134 – Paternity Registry Inquiry Request
VS 134.1 – Acknowledgment of Paternity Inquiry Request
VS 165 – Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship (Excluding Adoptions)
VS 170 – Application for a New Birth Certificate based on Parentage (Correcting a Birth Certificate)
VS-168 Inquiry On Court Of Continuing Jurisdiction For A Child
VS-130 Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity
Last updated July 2, 2020