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The TxEVER Project


The Vital Statistics Section (VSS) introduces a new registration system called the Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar (TxEVER). TxEVER replaces the legacy Texas Electronic Registrar (TER) systems, allowing Texas to become one of the first states to embrace a fully integrated vital records system. The TxEVER system went live on January 1, 2019 to support all vital events operations, including reporting, registration, and amendments of births and deaths. 

This page provides you with the tools for a successful transition to TxEVER. 

For TxEVER Support, 

Special Announcements:

TxEVER down 2-9 to 2-10

1) Death Registration and cremation questions addressed on the FAQs page

2a) An Authority to Cremate form can be found here

2b) A Report of Death form can be found here.

3) Attention all TxEVER users: If your password is not working or you never received temporary password, TER user accounts have migrated to TxEVER. Contact your local administrator to reset your password if you did not receive emails with your user account information. You can also go to the login screen and click “Forgot password.” Enter your TER username and email, then a temporary password will be sent to you. Only do this once.

4) Attention all TxEVER users: If you do not have all the rights or locations you need, submit a help desk form to the help-TxEVER@dshs.texas.gov. Be sure to indicate:

  • if you are a local administrator
  • what your correct location name is
  • what abilities you are missing
  • which usernames are affected at your location
  • if you are a local registrar who needs to be a supervisor for fee paper voids

5) Attention admins for Physicians that certify death certificates: Follow this link for instructions to fix invalid PINS for Physicians.

6) Attention Birthing Facility Admins: Follow this link for instructions to fix invalid PINS for Birth Certifier/Attendants  

7) Attention AOP Users: If AOP is not printing with entity code, know that a user must add a signature or upload a signed document before an AOP number and Entity Code will be added to the AOP form electronically. It is not possible to print pre-stamped AOP forms before collecting signatures and uploading them into the system.

8) Attention Funeral Directors: Follow this link for instructions if you are unable find the place of disposition (crematory/cemetery).

9) Attention Funeral Directors: Follow this link for instructions to reset the Social Security Number field after it was set as pending.

10) Attention Local Registrars: New Remote Issuance transactions may show as "Printed" after saving the search criteria.  Follow this link for instructions to ensure that "Issues from Paper" is not checked.

11) Attention Local RegistrarsPlease note that while your new security paper orders are being processed and delivered, you may continue to use your current supply of B6 paper to issue remote births in TxEVER.

12) If you are having difficulty printing documents (i.e. verification of birth/death facts, report of death, etc), then you should try clearing your browser cache. Many users find that switching to Google Chrome resolves the issue.

13) Attention All TxEVER users: For step-by-step instructions to clear your Web Browser Cache, click the applicable link for  Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer 

Schedule of Daily Conference Calls

Stakeholder Group

Date and Time

Conference Call Phone Number and Access Code  

Local Registrars

Monday - Friday

9:00 am 

Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 4005163

Office of Attorney General

Monday - Friday

9:00 am 

Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 2920476

JPs / MEs

Monday - Friday

10:00 am

Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 2613625  

Hospital / Birth Clerks

Monday - Friday


Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 2435497

Physicians / Hospice Physicians



Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 6371263

Funeral Homes

Monday - Friday


Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790

Access Code: 2920476

Schedule of Daily TxEVER Training Webinars


Date and Time


TxEVER Training for Birth Registrars

Monday - Friday

8:00 am-9:30 am 

Hospitals / Birth Clerks

TxEVER Training for Death Registration - Medical Certification 

Monday - Friday

12:00 pm-1:30 pm 

JPs / MEs / Physicians

TxEVER Training for Death Registration - Funeral Homes

Monday - Friday

2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Funeral Home Directors 

TxEVER Training for Local Registrars 

Monday - Friday

4:00 pm-5:30 pm 

Local Registrars

You may have the meeting contact you by logging on here.  You may also log in by dialing one of the access numbers below.

Web Meeting:  https://stateoftx-dshs.centurylinkccc.com/CenturylinkWeb/ChrisGuerrero 

Primary Access Number: 1-720-279-0026
Guest Passcode: 630499

Additional Access:   
USA 1-720-279-0026
USA, Dallas 1-877-820-7831

TxEVER Support

For issues or questions regarding TxEVER, you can reach the TxEVER Help Desk at Help-TxEVER@dshs.texas.gov, or call 1-888-963-7111 (at the prompt, press 1 for English, then press 2 for the TxEVER help desk). 

Please note, call volume is high, wait time is running slightly more than 30 minutes.

Last updated January 16, 2019