About the DSHS HIV/STD Program

The Department of State Health Services HIV/STD Program has the duty to identify, report, prevent, and control HIV, AIDS, and STDs in the State of Texas. The Program is dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and other STDs while minimizing complications and costs. This is achieved primarily through education, prevention counseling, screening and testing, partner elicitation and notification, and the provision of medical and social services. While some of these services are directly provided, most are provided through contracts with community-based agencies.

HIV/STD Program Units

The HIV/STD Program is part of the HIV/STD Section and includes staff from five units:

  • HIV/STD Prevention Unit
  • HIV Care and Medications Unit
  • Operations Unit
  • HIV/STD/HCV Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit
  • Pharmacy Unit

HIV/STD Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to prevent, treat, and/or control the spread of HIV, STDs, and other communicable diseases to protect the health of the citizens of Texas. In keeping with this mission, we procure, allocate, and manage fiscal and human resources so that we may:

  • Provide HIV/STD education and information
  • Collect, interpret, and distribute data relating to HIV and STD
  • Provide guidance to those who oversee, plan for, or provide HIV and STD services
  • Provide medication and supplies to prevent, manage, and treat communicable diseases

In pursuit of this mission, we will make every effort to assure that the citizens of Texas receive quality services.