Contractor Resources - HIV Prevention

2020-2024 Eligible Priority Populations 
Eligible Priority Populations for agencies funded by DSHS to conduct HIV prevention activities across Texas. 

Contract Management Section – Prevention Contractor Forms  
CMS forms required for HIV prevention contractors. 

HIV Prevention Program Reports and Forms 
DSHS-required reporting forms for contractors. 

HIV Prevention Data Resources 
Forms and instructions for HIV prevention data collection. 

Community Assessment Tools and External Resources for Prevention Contractors 
Links to samples of tools used to collect information and general information about community assessment. 

Outcome Monitoring Toolkit 
A series of tools to assist with program improvement for HIV prevention contractors. 

Program Evaluation Tools 
Program evaluation tools used by DSHS. 

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) 
DSHS recommends that PrEP be considered for people who are HIV-negative and at high risk for HIV. 

Guidelines for Conducting HIV and HCV Point of Care Testing 
For use by non-laboratory site for implementation of point of care HIV and HCV testing 

DSHS HIV Prevention Programs 
Agencies funded by DSHS to conduct HIV prevention activities across Texas. 

DSHS Laboratory 

Reporting Suspected Abuse and Neglect of Children 
Information for health care providers. 

CDC HIV/STD Partner Services Recommendations 
The Recommendations for Partner Services Programs for HIV Infection, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydial Infection guide the delivery of partner services to those newly diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. From the CDC. 

Technical Assistance 
Information for contractors. 

Records Retention 
DSHS guidelines for retaining records by contractors. 

Meetings and Conferences 
List of meetings and conferences which includes links to presentations and materials provided to participants. 

HIV/STD Educational Materials 
Listing of HIV/STD brochures, fact sheets, and videos available free of charge from DSHS.