Public Health Region 6-5 South Environmental Health Services

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Regional Contacts
Kathleen Goss, R.S.
Becky Coonrad, R.S.

Phone: 713-767-3000
Fax: 713-767-3049


To protect the public by insuring compliance with laws pertaining to minimum standards of sanitation, youth camps, public schools, public pools and interactive water features, institutional sanitation; particularly schools, and public lodging.

Inspection Activities

  • General Sanitation
  • Youth Camps
  • Public Schools
  • Public Swimming Pools, splash parks
  • Child Care Center
  • Non-Profit Food
  • Public Playgrounds
  • Hotel/Motel/Lodging


Department of State Health Services
Youth Camps
Public Swimming Pools and Spas

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Last updated February 24, 2021